Customized Training

This course provides an excellent platform to practice critical thinking for analytics. It was easy to navigate and engaging to learn from. I highly recommend this for analysts of any field.


I loved the three different tracks within the modules. Having real-world applications from different industries made it easy to understand how the concepts could be applied. Also, the companion texts really drove home my understanding of the material. This course is a great way to begin building a basic set of skills in analysis and critical thinking.


This course greatly enhanced our analysts’ ability to not just comply with tradecraft, but also have the confidence to make strong, impactful judgments in the midst of an increasingly difficult threat environment. Perhaps the best part of this: analysts are having fun…

US Government, Cyber Division

Globalytica provides group instruction, in both traditional classroom as well as self-paced online environments.

Our Training Provides
Tools for the everyday analyst:
  • critical thinking
  • structured analysis
  • effective writing
  • briefing
  • collaboration
  • digital presentation
Techniques to help analysts:
  • identify and overcome mind-sets
  • stimulate creative thinking
  • discover “unknown unknowns”
  • develop conceptual frameworks
  • instill rigor into the analytic process
  • reduce the chance of surprise

Our courses are developed by our founders and the authors of multiple textbooks in the areas of critical thinking and structured analytic techniques, as well as a former dean of the intelligence community’s top intelligence academy.

Bolster the core competencies acquired from our Intelligence Analysis Professional program with targeted courses designed to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency. Globalytica’s course designers will work with you to design customized workshops to address your organization’s specific needs. To learn more about how Globalytica can work with your team, contact