A key role for analysts is to frame the operating environment for decision makers to ensure that they will not be surprised. Globalytica’s Foresight Analysis techniques and exercises help policymakers and decision makers build a framework for developing optimal strategies to make ideal future scenarios a reality and mitigate the impact of unproductive scenarios.

Globalytica’s experts are adept at designing and facilitating strategic foresight workshops used to develop new work processes, deal with management challenges, and craft strategic plans. We work with organizations to define the issue, select the appropriate technique from our ten unique foresight techniques, and guide participants through the Foresight analysis process.

Exercises can range from a two-day session for a small team of analysts to multiple-week workshops involving as many as 40 experts and practitioners. Analysts practice using a multi-step process to develop multiple scenarios or trajectories that capture how the future is most likely to unfold. Core techniques include: the use of a Key Assumptions Check and Structured Brainstorming to identify significant drivers, Multiple Scenarios Generation, Indicators, and tools for developing Action Plans.