Globalytica is the thought leader in analytic techniques. We help clients build anticipatory, problem-solving analytic cultures to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and instill more rigor into their analysis.

Who We Are: Globalytica is one of the few companies that actually developed many of the techniques we teach. Our instructors have authored or co-authored eight gold-standard texts in the profession, and our consultants are recognized in the industry as accomplished subject matter experts, instructors, facilitators, and mentors with decades of experience supporting analytic units.

Our Global Presence: We understand the challenges of diverse clients and how they can benefit from structured thinking. We work with both large and small entities in more than two dozen countries worldwide, spanning multiple industries that include banking, energy, and security and risk assessment.

How We Help: Globalytica solves our clients’ most challenging analytic problems by delivering customized solutions using an innovative 3-point system of training, coaching and consulting services to fit their strategic and tactical needs. We help our clients build analytic cultures that consistently generate high-quality products tailored to their specific issues.

software-icon TRAINING:
Globalytica introduces leading edge techniques to organizations’ analytical units. We have trained thousands of analysts in the proper use and application of Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs), critical thinking and presentation skills, and Strategic Foresight Analysis. Our more than 40 customizable modular courses help analysts understand analytic and critical thinking concepts, think strategically, perfect their written and oral products, and maximize their performance.



Globalytica instructors work with analysts and managers in follow-up mentoring and coaching sessions to facilitate the use of techniques taught in Globalytica training courses. We provide one-on-one as well as small group mentoring support. Our certified coaches use proven methodologies to help managers and leaders navigate professional challenges and recognize opportunities, enhance critical thinking and decision making, and bring out the best in their teams and collaborative groups. We also help clients develop their own mentoring programs by both developing tailored content and teaching how to mentor and facilitate effectively.




Globalytica works closely with our clients to develop and customize a program of analysis spanning the spectrum from current reporting to strategic planning. Our process engages the entire workforce from the top down as well as from the bottom up. The end result is a workforce that shares the same goals and knows what is required of all participants to deliver a quality product.




Globalytica facilitators have two decades of experience in designing an facilitating alternative futures exercises and other problem solving forums for both government and commercial clients. We have developed and employ nine different Strategic Foresight Techniques selected to respond to clients’ specific needs.

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